We build the cloud.
For years, not only our customers’ interest in the cloud has exploded, but also our own. Since then, we have been passionate in consulting and designing such solutions and also in ensuring smooth operations following (DevOps) best practices.

At the same time, we complement the core business it-objects “individual software development” with the „cloud development and operations” and “close the circle” for our customers with a holistic approach starting from requirements engineering, architecture, development to operations.

Our services in the cloud space

Operations of your individual software

Your individual software needs specialized operations without exceeding the budget? We offer you a solution package that is based on battle-tested IaC modules and processes to fasten time-to-market, but at the same time offers enough flexibility for the individual needs of your solution.

Your solution is developed by us?

Perfect. Our software development is closely interlinked with the operations team and integrated into the development process at an early stage. One of our cloud architects will be involved right from the start of your project, so that at the end a smooth transitioning from development to operations is ensured.

Your solution is not developed by us?

No problem. We will check your individual software free of charge against our high quality operational standards to come up with a reasonable quote for the migration, as well as the expected cloud spendings

Your very first step

You have already recognized the value of the cloud for the digitization of your company and are wondering how best to get started? We would be happy to advise and support you on your individual “cloud journey”.

Success stories

An excerpt

From the IBM to the AWS Cloud

The challenge. One of our corporate customers wants to further grow with its end-customer-oriented IOT solution. Due to increased operational disruptions and suboptimal architecture, the technical basis of the project is not sufficiently designed for the targeted growth. A re-platforming based on the AWS cloud promised to remedy the situation.

The solution. First, a migration plan was developed and a high-level design was created for a highly available multi-account setup. The implementation was done entirely with CloudFormation. A revised development workflow, including a customized branching model, allowed reliable and automatic deployments to seven environments. A CloudWatch-based dashboard provides visibility across support teams. The solution was migrated without disrupting the existing service and has ever since run stably in the AWS cloud. Downtimes caused by deployments and other operational disruptions are history. The customer is satisfied with the project execution “in time” and “in budget”.


Amazon Web Services


Amazon Cognito

Amazon DocumentDB

AWS Fargate

Amazon ECS

Amazon CloudFormation

AWS Lambda

SaaS solution in AWS

The challenge. The “ITO Translation Tool” is the first digital service of it-objects GmbH. It enables the management of translations as a self-service within the scope of software development projects. The goal was to ensure high availability and scalability of the service.

The solution. As a first step, a high-availability setup based on Kubernetes with Terraform and Helm was designed. Day 2 operations are ensured by a careful selection of tools. GitLab CI/CD pipelines ensure continuous deployment. The software has been in service since early 2021 and has since then met high availability and scalability requirements.


Amazon Web Services




Amazon EKS




From an on-prem data center to the AWS cloud

The challenge. One of our corporate customers needed to modernize its application landscape, which was running in a data center with dedicated servers. This was maintained manually and was not designed to be highly available in all aspects. This led to regular deployment problems and outages. The service management decided to modernize the solution taking a cloud-native approach.

The solution. Containerization and end-to-end automation with pipelines made releases more predictable, faster and also more frequent. For the software development team, this meant less stress and more time to focus on the core features.


Amazon Web Services


Amazon RDS

AWS Fargate

Amazon ECS


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Widura Schwittek

He took over a wide variety of roles in his IT career so far (software developer, project manager, consultant, software architect…). Since 2018, he has been passionate about all things cloud-native and helping customers with their individual “cloud journey.