We build the cloud.
For years, not only our customers’ interest in the cloud has exploded, but also our own. Since then, we have been passionate in consulting and designing such solutions and also in ensuring smooth operations following (DevOps) best practices.
At the same time, we complement the core business it-objects “individual software development” with the „cloud development and operations” and “close the circle” for our customers with a holistic approach starting from requirements engineering, architecture,
development to operations.

Services from our cloud team
Running an application in AWS offers many advantages over traditional on-prem operations. But it requires know-how to come up with the right selection of AWS services and wiring these together, to really benefit from these advantages.

We move your application to AWS

Your requirements go beyond using AWS as hoster for virtual machines? Instead, your hot topics are scalability, high availability and security? Then talk to us and harness the full potential of the AWS cloud. Depending on your situation (startup vs. migration vs. R&D), we offer projects that consist of a selection
of the following services:

Service portfolio

  • Elicit non-functional requirements/record as-is state
  • Design cloud architecture and validate it with stakeholders
  • Develop proof-of-concepts (PoCs) for better decision making
  • Implement cloud architecture using infrastructure as code (IaC)
  • Setup landing zones for different purposes (e.g. DEV, QA, PROD) using IaC
  • Consult and educate dev team on cloud topics, containerization and others
  • Setup deployment pipelines
  • Conduct an AWS Well-Architected review (more…)
  • Zero-downtime switch-over
  • Right-sizing the cloud infrastructure based on real metrics after go-live

We run your application in AWS

Once the application has gone „live“, this is usually not the end of the story. New releases have to be made available, security issues are discovered and need to be patched. Backups need to be ensured and the disaster recovery tested. Costs also need to be observed. In other words, your individual software needs tailored operations which in turn results in quite a lot of effort for maintenance and support.

We offer you a solution package, that uses standardized technology stacks and processes to professionally manage tasks such as releases, monitoring, security patches and backups. We take over these tasks for you, so that your development team can concentrate on creating real added value.

Why Cloud with it-objects?

Predictability and fast time-to-market

Due to our specialization in custom software in AWS, we can draw on established processes, tools and best practices baked into code (see Terra3), that extremely accelerate project execution. And we do this a dozen times a year. This also has a positive effect on the estimation of efforts and avoids surprises on the costs side.

Easy access to the in-house development team

Due to the history of the company, we are still closely linked to our ITO software development department. For us, it means to be able to rely on a huge pool of related expertise at any time. For you, it means to be able to call in developers quickly and easily, if necessary, when minor adjustments have to be made.

Medium-sized, owner-managed company

Compared to corporations, we are quite a small company. But we turn it to our strength. Your contact is personal and persistent, due to an extremely low employee churn. Communication channels to the development team are short and direct. Life in the office is family-like and this atmosphere is usually reflected in our customer projects.

Passionate team of professionals

Our team consists of „cloud natives“ and each individual is passionate about what he or she does. The many certifications are one thing, but we are especially proud of our specialization and the many projects that have brought us to where we are now. We also live out our passion in our open source projects like Terra3.

Success Stories

A selection

Start-Up: Book2Kite

The challenge. The start-up „Book2Kite“, specialized in brokering kitesurfing trips, needed a reliable partner with expertise in operating high-availability software solutions for its go-live. The typical challenge of a start-up is also valid here: avoiding high initial IT investments, while still being able to scale up quickly as the number of users grows.

The solution. Like many applications, „Book2Kite“ is based on a 3-tier architecture consisting of a backend, frontend and a database. The initial setup is built upon a hand-picked selection of AWS services with cost optimizations in mind. Containers form the basic building blocks to implement a highly available and scalable architecture. Using our proven Terraform module „Terra3“, the first deployments to the „dev“ stage were achieved within a few days. Thanks to using infrastructure as code the go-live in the „prod“ stage was achieved shortly after.


Amazon Web Services

Amazon RDS


AWS Fargate

Amazon ECS


Your next steps

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Talk to us! We embrace your challenges!

Provision your 3-tier application in AWS in less than a day using our best practices-based Open Source Terraform module. Gain hands-on experience and build a basis for future decisions. Or simply understand why we’re fast: