AWS Well-Architected Review.
You want more confidence into the next release of your application? You’ve heard about the many benefits of an AWS Well-Architected Review, but don’t know how and where to start?
AWS offers a so called well-architected review of your application in close collaboration with partners like us to ensure an efficient and sustainable AWS architecture. The focus is not only on technical topics, such as security, reliability, and performance, but also on organizational aspects, as well as optimizing cloud spendings.
Our specially trained AWS Solutions Architects will support you in conducting such an AWS Well-Architected Review to evaluate the current state. If desired, they will also empower you to to conduct such reviews by yourselves. The result is a prioritized list of actions to improve your AWS architecture. We are happy to support you also on your way to reach the target architecture.
A profound architecture is also in the interest of AWS. That’s why the remediation of architectural flaws with us is funded with USD 5.000! Come to an initial meeting with us and we will answer any remaining questions you may have.

Why conducting an AWS Well-Architected Review?

An AWS Well-Architected Review helps you uncover many potential improvements, for example to increase the security or cost efficiency of your applications on AWS. Ideally, this should be done before you go live with your new application. You can do this yourself using the free AWS Well-Architected Review service. Or you can build upon the expertise of AWS and its partner network, if you don’t have enough capacity for this or simply want to have a fresh look from „outside“.

How does the AWS Well-Architected Review work with us?
1. Decide with which application from your portfolio you want to start with. It doesn’t matter, whether it is already running in production, whether it is about to be released for the first time, or whether it is a prototype. Of course, the earlier you establish a Well-Architect Review process, the better.
2. One to two stakeholders from your development team and a specially trained AWS Solutions Architect agree on a meeting date to conduct the AWS Well-Architected review together. Any questions or ambiguities will be clarified in this meeting. This sessions lasts about 4-6 hours, depending on the complexity of the application and the organization around it. The result is a jointly developed prioritized list improvement opportunities.
3. You can then refer to this list and work through it yourself. Or you can commission us with the implementation and keep your development capacities free. At the same time you request a funding of USD 5,000 from AWS if more than 50% of the improvement opportunities are successfully implemented. Examples of typical improvement opportunities are cost optimizations, increasing the application’s reliability, setting up automated backups or setting up single sign-on.

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